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Viewers get behind-the-scenes on-the-street perspective, as employees of Philadelphia Parking Authority go on their daily rounds, frequently dealing with irate locals as the workers issue citations, boot vehicles and tow cars. The series also follows the ticket-writers and booters of Detroit’s Municipal Parking Department.

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I took my wife to the hospital emergency.

We're tourists from San Diego.

It was in a loading area, but there's no sign there whatsoever., You, know?, They towed.

My car.


I called in earlier.

He said, my car is here.

It's, a rental.


- 150 bucks? 150.

You said.

You can take this two windows, over., Give, me, license, registration, insurance.

- It's in the car.

- OK.


A rental car.

We'll, get your rental agreement.



You the person that rented the car? My wife., Is, your wife here with you? No.

But I got her a driver's license.

Wait, a minute.

No, no, no., Is, your name on the rental agreement? It should be.

I have to go by the rules.

We can only give it back to the person that rented the car.

Go get the rental agreement.

Let me see what's what with it.


It at? Take this out to the person at they gate and they'll.

Take you to your car.

We need to get the rental agreement.

So she can see, you know.

My name is on it.

Got, it., I got some snacks, too., I, haven't eaten all day.

I'm, hoping I just can get the car and walk out of here.

You have a problem.



Name, Shirley, is only the one that's on this.

I discussed that with her.

And she said that they don't care.

You will have to call Avis.


Well, understand, sir-- You have my--.

You have a-- Wait, a minute, sir.


Let me explain something to you before you get--.

It's because-- You took the car was there.

Sir-- sir-- You brought the car.

Here., Yes, I, did., I have this, everything.

You have no--.

You have the right to take the car out there., That, wasn't-- - But-- There's, no sign., But, sir-- but, sir.

The problem is Avis rules is that if your name is not on the rental agreement-- - You're not involved with Avis.

OK? But.

Then you have to call them and tell them to fax us that you can drive the car, get the car back., Oh, heavens., That's, their rules.

It's, not our rules.



My wife is sick.

- Yes, I know, your wife is-- [arguing] And.

We do understand it.

That's why--.

Let me talk to your supervisor.

This is not right.


See this section here where it says she declined additional drivers?.

It's, circled., The girl said, it doesn't, matter., OK., No.

It does matter.

For, you., Listen, no, not for us.

You don't, even have the right to look at that.


OK?, Well, it's, a simple solution to this.

- I show you this.

- It's a really-- - I show you this.

- Listen to me.

- I show you this.

- Listen to me.

My wife is sick.

It's, not our rule.


The rental car rules., My wife, isn't, here.

She is at the hospital.

We're, not asking to speak to your wife.

We, didn't say, that., But, they're, saying-- But.

They will.

I can tell you that now.

All, right., But, your wife declined additional drivers.

We have to read what this rental agreement, says.


But you don't even have the right to look at that.



We don't look at it.

You don't get the car.

This is not our rules.

This is what the rental car wants.


You want a call the rental car, company-- You think it's only for me? --and, get your name--.

Do you want to call? - Call them up for me.

- No.

You have to call them and get-- Why don't.

You tell them you towed your car, OK?, Listen., RON:, And, you're, holding it hostage-- I.

Don't have no time to call rental car.


I have to pay $150.

You can call the rental car.



Here I am having to hear that.

Call, the rental car company and tell them the vehicle's impounded-- - Oh, Jesus., --and, you're, not listed on there for additional driver.

Oh, heavens.


They re-fax a new rental, contract?, Oh, heavens., Oh, heavens., Oh, heavens., They, even could call in here.

Oh, heavens., None of your business.


The rental company says to us-- --only, the person that rented the car can get the car back., [knocking], MAN:, Whoa., Whoa., Easy, there., Don't, be knocking.

- Yeah.


Just want my $150 back.

I'll, get the rental company to get their car.



You can't get the $150 back.

Give me.

My $150 back., YOLANDA:, OK.


We don't-- RON: Give me, $150., More than likely, you're, not going to get your toll fees.


We're, not authorized to even to give you your money.



You do owe for these fines.

If it's, not two parties on that rental agreement.

We can only give it back to the person that rented the car.

We have to go by the rental company's rules., I want my $150 back., We, don't, refund, money, here.

Well, I, just give you 150.

Bucks., We, don't, refund, money., Well, I'm, not leaving here till you give my money back or my car back.

- That's fine.

You can stay here.



I was asking for my money.


You, can't, get your money.

Back, sir., The best thing for you to do, to call the rental company.

This is getting to me, now.

He's upset because he can't get the vehicle right now.

And also he can't get his money.


They said, I must call.

You know, the rental.


The rental should be able to fax a statement to the fact that I can drive the car.

My wife and I rented a car from you.

OK., All, right.

Thank you.


They're going to refer me to a different section that handles.

This sort of things., So, hopefully-- AUTOMATED, VOICE, (ON, PHONE):, The.

Number you have reached has been disconnected.

The number.

They gave me is not a working number.

They already, disconnected., I hope to be back.

I'm here to get my car.


My wife is here.

I talked to my--.

The rental people.


They gave me so much hassle.

You know, that no one one does really care.


See, I have her license.

So she's gonna be driving it out., I, don't feel very well.

Actually., But, I have to be here just so we could get the car because we need it.


We don't want to be charged.


They need you here.

I, don't know what they want you for., Mm-hmm., Yeah., You're gonna sign and you're gonna drive it out, hon., OK?, She's, given permission to me.

She cannot drive it.

She can't--.

Because she just took some medicine.

OK., I need your license.

Then, sir.


She has to sign for it to get it out.


He can drive it, because he's a licensed driver, and she gave permission.

She's gonna sign right here.

- Yeah.

Get here to sign it.

- Right here.


Then you sign underneath her., All, right?, OK., Here.

You go, sir., All, right., Just, take this to the gate and they'll help you out.

God, bless.

You guys.

Have, a safe, one., CHOIR:, (SINGING), Hallelujah! - Bless us.


Here., This.

Reads-- What is that? Unfortunately, that's.

The reason why they towed you.

They'll give you 15 days to pay that.

- So I still have to pay this.

- Yeah.

It's on top of the other ones right? There., Oh.

My god., You, know, I--.

You know.

This is really getting to me.


I think, it's, 76., So, 76 on top of the 150, and all the taxes that I keep spending on that? Oh, heavens.

You hate to give it to 'em.

But that's.

The reason why they were towed.

They don't just haphazardly tow.

Your car.

We got a car.

I got my wife's health.

Seems like she's, OK so.

You know.

Thank god for that.

When, you're, angry, you're, angry.


When you actually can substitute curse words for something else-- Oh, heavens., Oh, heavens., Oh, heavens., Oh, heavens., --I, really do appreciate it.

All, right., I bid you well now and goodbye.

Can I, help you, ma'am? How are you doing? Not? So good., You've been here, before., Yeah., Got to go to that cashier window and bring me back down receipt., So, I gotta pay y'all, too?, Yes, ma'am., Oh.

My god.

This is not right.


Probably done released her, like, five or six times in, like.

The last three months.

Y'all, just want money, that's, all., Hope, y'all gonna be feeding my kids.

My car got towed.

They're saying, I, ain't have insurance, but I paid my insurance last month., It's, bull, crap, and I don't, even curse., [upbeat, music], Me, again., Me, again., So, y'all are charging me.


They, just getting over, that's.

What it is.

Can I have a receipt, please? This is bull crap.


You got your registration and insurance on you? You got all the paperworks to the car 'cause I gave it to you before.


That was a long time.


It was not.

How long ago was it? Two months, ago., SOUND, EFFECT:, Damn!, Here.

You go.

I'm gonna grab that in one second.

He didn't, even look at it., You, see, this?, I'm, probably the worst person in the world to her right.

Now., It'll be all my fault.

I'll be the person that towed the car, parked.

The car.

Registration-- oh, boy., Got, an F-stop right? Here.


You have a F-stop.

You know what that means, right? They told you that in traffic court.

Yeah?, What's, that?, SOUND, EFFECT:, Huh? - I'm asking you.

- I know.

I'm saying, your registration is suspended.


She I could get my car.


There's a way you can get your car.

So, I can't, get it today? Hear me, out., OK.

You can surrender your tags and call the tow company to tow the car off the lot.

I can't, just let you go to the car and drive it.


Your registration is suspended for 90 days.

This is bull crap.

I paid.

My insurance.

I just showed you the receipt.


You look at it?, No., I, don't have to.


Not valid.

It is val--.



Do this say? Payment, receipt., That's don't, tell me what car that was paid to you.

We, can't, accept those., So you're.

Not gonna give me my car? I can let you have your car.



You have to go through a procedure, whether you want to get it towed out, or if you can go put it in somebody else's name and have them come back with new tags and insurance.

Hold up., I know, my rights.

I believe you do, ma'am., Mm-hmm., What that say? Do, not send cash, and your name and your address.


So I got to pay a money.



You have to pay a money.



That means you haven't yet, meaning, you owe the money.

More than likely.

Your insurance lapsed.

And when it did that.

The insurance company called Harrisburg and said, yo, suspended.

You understand what I'm saying? All, right., So, you're, not giving me my car., Right? You're, not even listening to the judge.


Hope she gets her act.


I, really, don't know, why she's not listening to me.

I think you're just real excited, right? Now.

I just need you to hear me, out.

I'm gonna give you your car back.

But you have to go through a step.

You can either surrender the tags, come back with a surrender slip and a private tow company, and they'll tow the car off our lot.


You can take the car and get it put in somebody's name, come back with a new tag and insurance, and they can drive it off the lot for you.

You understand me? - Yeah.

- OK.


What do you want to do? I? Want to, um, surrender.

My tags.


So, are you releasing my car to me? Not, right? Now, not at this second.

I'm, trying to speed this up for you 'cause I, don't, want them to close on you., ZANENA:, All, right.

Just, give me the stuff.

Tell me where I'm going so I can just-- She could go to Delaware and Tasker, right there behind the Wawa, and they should still be open.

But before you go, to go that gate, right? There.

Give them that red shit chip tell 'em you're, getting the tag.



See you when you get back., OK? That, went well., [laughs] I think we have an understanding now.


Judge gave me a release form.

But they're, not gonna release my car.

People want to hear what they want to hear when they're angry.

I got a release form from the judge.

Ma'am, that's, inside., I, don't know, about all that.

All, I know, is right here.

This red chip says, tag, removal.


She can take her tag and go surrender.



You go, ma'am.

That might get her out of here, but she got to help me help her.

I'll, probably sue.


The system is [bleep].


I've got something ahead of me up there., When, I, hold up one of these.

It stops trouble right in its tracks.

We got an expired meter right, here., Somebody causing a problem, like hogging, the meter without paying.


They had to do is put a quarter in there.

The quarter will solve all your troubles.

Hey! Hey! - You got a ticket, sir.

- No.


I tried to make some change.

You can't park at the meeting without paying.

You do have rights.


You can't leave your car at an expired meter and not pay.


Much is the ticket? $20.


You pay it within 10 days, it's, $10., I understand that.

But I, wrote the ticket.

You didn't have any money in the meter.

You done came back over here before I wrote the ticket, I'd have let you go get the change.

I told you.

I came to you-- You saw me after I wrote you the ticket, though.

You had already parked here without paying.


Then ask somebody for a quarter.

I have no way of knowing that when I pulled up.

This is not my problem.

This is not--.

This is not my problem.

Either, sir., I, don't have a reason to cancel it., No., No., No., I'm gonna get in the car.

You got 10 days to pay the $10.


If you don't make it today, it's, OK., No., I cannot pay it now.

What is a real job?.


Go work.

It., Trouble, a-brewing., I'm, burning rubber out of here.

I just park it and was asking somebody about some coins.


Never seen him.

All I know, was the meter was expired.

He should have waited till I come by and told me., He waited till after I wrote, the ticket.

They should give me a break, a chance.

I don't.

Have any reason to take that ticket back.

He could have saved himself $20 worth of trouble by using one quarter.

You have to pay the price.

WOMAN: Officer., Yes, ma'am.

I got a ticket.

And the thing is in my car.

- OK, I'm sorry.

- It hasn't, expired., I'm, sorry., The ticket was flipped upside.


Ma'am., I, couldn't, see the time.


This is the only one I've gotten like this.

So I'm really, really angry., I, know., What, I'm saying, is I understand.

I want your name.

It's on here, ma'am.


If you'd like, I'll write it-- I'll, write it on here.


Yes, please., Thank, you., OK., You're, welcome, ma'am., I've paid for several tickets that I didn't earn.

I, don't know what it is.

Everything has little kinks.


Think the new system is a good thing.

If people would just take the time to read.

Taxi, cab drivers know how to do it.

Yes, sir?, Yeah.

She got this ticket.

And this says, 2:42.

Right, which means this has expired at 2:42., No, no, no., Start, time.

- No.


Not the start time.

- No, no.



This is the time it expires.

Ma'am., No., No., Ma'am, I'm, telling that's the time it expires., No., You're, wrong., You want to see? I show you.



Go put the one quarter, then I want to see what time's come.

OK? - OK.


I, put quarter.

OK?, Right., You, push the button.

- OK? - It expires.

At-- No., No, no, no.

- --3:29.

- 3:29.

No, no, no.

- It's 3:14.

15 minutes from now is 3:29.

$0.25 gives you 15 minutes., Forget, it., OK., Sorry., MAN:, [laughs], She, didn't, look, too satisfied with the explanation.

This is not right.


It was a good ticket and I stand by it.

I have a car in a tow zone.

Another page in violation.

She's got stuck in traffic.

She knows better.


You giving me a ticket for that? - Yeah.

- Better look.

I have a handicap.

Can't park, here., This, is-- OK., But.

You don't have to.

I'm gonna move it.

This is a tow zone.

But I have a handicap.

Yeah, but you're, not parked in a handicap.



But don't give it to me, now., Look, it's, a tow zone.

You have to park in a legal spot.

I'm gonna move it, but don't give it to me.

The ticket, right? Now.

I'm already entering the ticket.

I didn't, even know.

Sign's, right? There.

No, excuse., I have a handicap.

OFFICER: Where's.

The person that's, handicapped?, My, son., OFFICER: And, where is he? He's, in-- he's in the hospital.

Sorry., That's, illegal, too., It's, illegal to use a handicap placard without being handicapped.

The tickets already issued.


The ticket's issued, I have to leave it.

$100 for this?.

Yeah, it's.

A tow zone.

This is not right.


Just want to get paid.

That's why., I know, this kind of people like that., She didn't, see the tow zone.

She seen the handicap placard.


Never look at the arrows.

This is now ridiculous.


Guess she wanted me to feel bad that her son was in the hospital, but it's a safety issue.


Is the show Parking Wars real? ›

Parking Wars is an American reality television series that aired on the A&E television network from 2008 to 2012. The program followed parking enforcement officers as they engaged in ticketing, "booting", towing and releasing vehicles back to their owners, as part of their parking violation enforcement duties.

Are there new Parking Wars episodes? ›

Do they still film Parking Wars? ›

The Parking Wars reality show debuted on television in January 2008. This show only had 7 seasons and ended in December 2012. Parking Wars was a reality show that aired on the A&E television network. The show was followed parking enforcement employees as they ticketed, booted, and towed cars.

Does Philly still boot cars? ›

If a vehicle has three or more delinquent parking, red-light camera, or speed camera violations, it is also subject to booting and towing.

Is A&E a real thing? ›

A&E is an American basic cable network, the flagship television property of A&E Networks. The network was originally founded in 1984 as the Arts & Entertainment Network, initially focusing on fine arts, documentaries, dramas, and educational entertainment.

Is Gina from Parking Wars married? ›

She has been married to Kevin Sizemore since September 25, 2004.

What happened to Marlene from Parking Wars? ›

Marlene spends most of her free time traveling to be with family. “My son is in the army…he's a lifer,” she explains, “He's stationed at Fort Campbell [Tennessee] and has been deployed five times.” Her son has three daughters, who she lovingly refers to as “my beautiful divas.”

What year did Parking Wars start? ›

Parking Wars (TV Series 2008– ) - IMDb.

Is Garfield on Parking Wars dead? ›

I'm so very sorry about Mr. Garfield's passing. He was the consumat professional on "Parking Wars". I wish God would let people live as long as they want.

How old is Sherry Royal? ›

A Natural Sweet Sherry

Sandeman Sherry Royal Ambrosante Pedro Ximénez 20 Years Old from a Solera established in 1894 is one of Sandeman´s Rare wines.

What was the last episode of Parking Wars? ›

What is the most stolen car in Philadelphia? ›

Top 10 Stolen Cars in PA*
  • Honda Accord. 1997/2000.
  • Nissan Altima. 2020.
  • Honda Civic. 2000.
  • Ford Pick-Up (Full Size) 2019.
  • Toyota Camry. 2020.
  • Chevrolet Malibu. 2020.
  • Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee. 2019.
  • Toyota Corolla. 2020.

Is NYC still booting cars? ›

Booting was suspended during the pandemic. It resumed in 2021 for camera violations due to safety concerns. It resumed for parking tickets in May 2022. The Department of Finance said, as of June 30, it's owed $474 million in outstanding parking tickets.

Is Philly car friendly? ›

No car, no problem: Philly is one of the best U.S. cities to live in without a personal vehicle. Erick Guerra of the Weitzman School of Design says that certain parts of Philadelphia aren't walkable or transit-friendly, with construction on sidewalks often a hurdle for pedestrians.

Do the inmates know about 60 Days In? ›

Seven volunteers were placed in an Indiana jail with a population of a little over 500 inmates. The corrections officers and the existing inmates were not aware of the study and as a result, several insightful conclusions were made.

Is Nightwatch real or fake? ›

Parents need to know that Nightwatch is a tense reality show following emergency responders (police, fire, EMS) who work the night shift in New Orleans. From Dick Wolf, creator of the. Violence and mayhem…

Was 60 Days In real? ›

Is '60 Days In' real or scripted? According to one of the stars from 60 Days In, the show isn't as real as you might think. Rob Holcomb told Radar Online that the show's creators heavily edited major scenes. He said, “The show is real, but the editing was fake.

Does Garfield and Sherry still work for PPA? ›

Steve Garfield is a Cast/Recurring Character on Parking Wars He is a booter for the PPA with his partner Sherry he boots cars while Sherry does the paperwork and calm people down if needed. TBA... As of 2015 he has retired from the PPA.

Who is ponytail from Parking Wars? ›

DeAndre “Ponytail” Hubbard.

How many kids does Sherry from Parking Wars have? ›

Sherry is a Cast/Recurring Character on Parking Wars. She works as a booter with Steve Garfield while he boots the cars and she fills out the paperwork and calming people down. She has 8 kids and she has a nice personality when it comes to assisting the people who have been booted.

Who passed away from Parking Wars? ›

Martin Anderson,

who drove a tow truck for the PPA. Sadly, Anderson died late last year, and while this was not mentioned in the credits at the end of the episodes in which he appeared, a tribute to Anderson can be found on A&E's website.

What disease did Mark Vodopija have? ›

To answer your question, Erin McFly Casey, Mark Vodopija died of Hodgkin's Disease.

Who was the character Mark that died on Parking Wars? ›

Mark Francis Vodopija was a Cast/Recurring Character on Parking Wars. He was a Impound lot officer who worked for the PPA he is a very friendly person when it comes to helping the customer out or asking his co workers for assistance unfortunately in 2009 he died due to a rare disease.

What is the oldest car park? ›

The City & Suburban Electric Carriage Company at 6 Denman Street, central London, opened the first multi-storey car park in the UK (and probably the world) in May 1901.

What was the first auto parking car? ›

The First Automated Parking Systems

The Garage Rue de Ponthieu in Paris was built in 1905. A multi-level concrete structure incorporated internal elevators to move cars up and down to and from the various levels where attendants parked the cars.

Where was the first parking garage built in the US? ›

The earliest known parking garage in the United States was built in 1918 for the Hotel La Salle at 215 West Washington Street in the West Loop area of downtown Chicago, Illinois. It was designed by Holabird and Roche.

How old is Steve Garfield? ›

Steve Garfield
Born1957/1958 (age 65–66)
Occupation(s)videographer, video blogger
1 more row

Why did Garfield and Friends end? ›

With all the networks scaling back on their Saturday morning cartoon schedules, CBS, after the last episode of Garfield and Friends had been completed, proposed a reduction to the show's budget. As the show had been doing well enough in syndication, the production company found it unnecessary to produce more episodes.

What station is Parking Wars on? ›

Who is Sherry Conrad husband? ›

She's a really complex character." Sherry and her husband, Cary (Travis van Winkle), are perfectly matched as self-promotional millennials who turned their personal brands into a career.

How long does sherry age? ›

In accordance with the Pliego de Condiciones the ageing of sherry wines must be prolonged for a minimum period of two years. Frequently, the ageing time is much longer so that the wines may develop the distinctive characteristics of each type.

What is the new A&E show customer wars? ›

With supply chain shortages, prices skyrocketing and more shoplifting than ever before, positive customer relations are nearly impossible. Customer Wars spotlights the conflicts that arise when disgruntled and irrational customers come face-to-face with the employees doing their best to take care of their needs.

How many seasons of Parking Wars are there? ›

Where can I watch Parking Wars in Canada? ›

Parking Wars | Apple TV (CA)

Is the show intervention scripted? ›

Thankfully, much of the show is real. That said, there are clever ways that production makes things happen when the cameras are rolling. As The Cinemaholic noted, "While the aspects mentioned above are real, certain parts of the series take off from reality and have stirred controversy over the years.

Did Garfield from Parking Wars passed away? ›

So sad to see Garfield is gone. He was my favorite to watch on Parking Wars. Always so fair and kind. I'm shocked at his passing.

What city is Parking Wars filmed in? ›

This TV show follows the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). It is split into three segments impound lot, booting/towing, and ticketing. This TV show follows the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA).

Do you get paid to be on Intervention? ›

The subjects are told they are being filmed for a TV documentary, but unlike “Celebrity Rehab” patients, they are not paid to participate. What they don't know is that friends and family are secretly planning an intervention, during which they are asked to go to treatment.

Are reality shows on TV real or fake? ›

You are led to believe that this sort of shows is unscripted life in the house, or on the island, as it happened. This is false! Some shows are partly scripted and others are re-filmed with scripts as it is not going the way they wanted it to go or they just do not like what they have previously filmed.

Are reality shows really unscripted? ›

Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents purportedly unscripted real-life situations, often starring unfamiliar people rather than professional actors.

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